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Top reviewer 50 moments best script Impact50 winner

Vera Mark
Screenwriter & wordsmith

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 134 projects.

Go big - or go home.

Films that Inspired Me

Arrival, Blade Runner, Star Wars (the early ones), American Beauty, Erin Brockovich, Local Hero.

My Favorite Quote

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

My Friends

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About Me

Storyteller with a chequered past including lawyering, theatre, communications & publications, translations and language training. Scripted a zero-budget short a few years ago, have one finished feature screenplay and a few shorts in my drawer and am currently working on finishing my first novel and developing the screenplay for a futuristic thriller. Oh, and I won Best Script / 50 Moments of Courage and Kindndess at the British Screenwriter Awards for my submission "Psukhe".

My Recent Work

Story: R vs Martin Smith Draft 3 for Singularity 50

Story: Bamboline Draft 3 for Twisted50 vol 2

Screenplay: To Kill a Mockingbird Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: Everything is transitory Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: Sirtaki v03 Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: Rick's Café draft 2 Draft 2 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: Happy Birthday, Mum draft 3 Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: Just a pair of shoes Draft 1 for 50 Moments

Screenplay: Psukhe draft 3 Draft 3 for 50 Moments

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

Shagabiity Quotient by Jade Syed-Bokhari

Thoughts of a Dying A.I.Theist by David F. Jacobson

Zero1 by Claire Rye

Disintegration by Andy Perry

A Ghost in the Embers by Scott Merrow

Mr Mould by Liz Correal

Bonding by Elizabeth Adlington

Jump by Rachael Howard

Patrick's Beautiful Line of Everything by Tracey Parsons

A Final Hope by Bob Schultz

The Secrets We Keep by Antony Cousins

If Not Now, Then When? by Fiona Hunnisett

Sing, Mummy! by Tracey Parsons

Promised Land by KT Parker

H.2.Oh by Dee Chilton

Rainbow Girl by Milethia Thomas

Origins by Janet van Eeden

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 134)

Shagabiity Quotient by Jade Syed-Bokhari

Shagabiity Quotient by Jade Syed-Bokhari

Thoughts of a Dying A.I.Theist by David F. Jacobson

Thoughts of a Dying A.I.Theist by David F. Jacobson

Annexation by Ash Nazir

Pleased To Meet You by Alison Clapham

Sweet Dreams by Dee Chilton

The Agency of Ellis by Clive Howard

Eve and Adam by Tom J Hingley

Something and Nothing by Tom J Hingley

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The Singularity50 Book Has A Website

Quick update, we now have a website for The Singularity50. The stories are still, as you know, being read, re-read and judged. But do check out the site and if you would like to write a blog about your experiences and story for The Singularity, drop me a line with it and we will get it published on the site